African Truffles mission is to manifest truffles through out Africa and set a new bench mark in mycology and become leaders in our field while uplifting the rural community.

Welcome to African Truffles

Worldwide truffle plantation establishmentAfrican Truffles is a pairing of expert knowledge charged with developing a serious truffle industry within South Africa, providing farmers and land owners with a means to cultivate an extremely profitable export crop.

International truffle expert, Dr Paul Thomas and South African mycologist farmer Mr. Leon Potgieter, hold the reins at African Truffle and head a highly informed and dedicated team. 
We work in partnership with land owners/farmers (you) every step of the way, from site selection to distribution to make your journey into truffle cultivation as easy, informed and profitable as possible.
Join us, become part of the global team and let’s bring this project to fruitation, together.  


Dr Paul Thomas has been working on cultivating truffles in South Africa since 2005 and was instrumental to kick-starting the industry. Having written the original governmental reports, paving the way to allow farmers to plant truffle-trees and designing the first ever South African truffle tree nursery, no where on the continent is local truffle cultivation knowledge stronger than with African Truffles.
Mycologist Farmer Leon Potgieter discovered an incredibly rare and large find of truffle-like fungi on his farm. Growing with very similar conditions to the black perigord truffle, Truffle melanosporum, these fungi rely on a tree to survive and are an incredibly important component of developing our understanding of truffle cultivation in South Africa. These systems are essential to developing our local knowledge and expertise.  
The African Truffle team is integral to a new bench mark in the cultivation of truffles. Forming a key component of the worlds most advanced and wide-ranging truffle cultivation network, you can be assured that we are working on the absolute forefront of truffle cultivation technology.  

Through the Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd ( group headed by Dr. Paul Thomas who has extensive experience in the cultivation of truffles throughout the world, one of the most exciting aspects of the model is that we have a number of plantations across the globe in a very broad range of climatic and soil conditions.  

All the plantations have been established, managed and monitored with exactly the same methods and this leads to what we now believe is the largest unified data-set in truffle cultivation in the world. This makes our research extremely strong and also allows experimentation with a huge number of systems. Dealing with climatic extremes also keeps us well placed to advise partner grower's if/when they see any shifts in climatic conditions - several of our sites have data being recorded.

Feel free to contact us in setting up truffle plantations.
We offer:

  • Soil sampling and analysis
  • Certified inoculated truffle trees
  • Specialized growing technology
  • Maintenance technology
  • Partnership opportunity’s to suite your needs
  • Community development systems
  • Student exchange programs
  • Perma culture models incorporating mycology
  • Fungal inoculants
  • Equity investment opportunity on developed land
  • Flags


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