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Site, soil and environmental analysis:
Before investing into your truffle tree orchard, we offer a full, in depth site, soil and environmental analysis, to assess the suitability of your environment for truffle cultivation. This analysis will be site specific to include your local climate and environmental knowledge which in some cases do differ extensively from public records and environmental report charts that do not always include micro climates and areas that have nice environmental occurrences compared to the overall area. Some of the best production sites that have been accounted for have been found in areas that have been excluded from the possible manifestation parameters if an in debt study was not pursued.

With our on board soil sampling lab we can analyse soil from all over the country within fast and accurate protocols and compare your site specifics in a detailed report with all the necessary key parameters to ensure your establishment is setup correctly and work out all the estimated costs on establishment accordingly.

Certified inoculated truffle trees:
We offer new and extensive technologies that have been proven to work in all environments according to the specific tree species being used as well as the infection rate and viability of the truffle fungus which is expertly infected and sterile hosted on the chosen host specie of tree according to the climate and environmental parameters best suited to your site.

Currently we supply a wide range of species of trees and have conducted extensive plantings throughout the country to ensure that the type of tree species used is suited to your environment which in some cases differs extensively.

In the first three years of our companies participation from 2010 – 2013 we have been conducting our studies on various types of gridlines and canopy configurations to achieve the highest densities as possible and have now streamlined our process in accordance and have come up with various low maintenance tree species configurations and densities, based on research conducted throughout the world and here in SA.

Currently our main tree species we use to infect and host with our range of truffle inoculants are: 

All our trees are DNA certified and inoculated with the relative productive tree and truffle specie best suited to your climate and environment. Our inoculants are superior, since we use high levels of inoculums combined with advanced new live culture infection techniques. Sterility of our substrate used and infection techniques in our tree production facility ensures advanced growing technology is maintained at a high standard.

Our tree nursery currently produces trees per order, but we always have stock available in excess for orders under a 1000 trees. To insure the sterility of our growing facility, all staff is trained to a very high standard and special care is taken to establish nursery technology, ensuring your product is of the highest quality uncontaminated with other competitive fungi.

Specialized growing technology:
We offer all avenues of infrastructure needs for the manifestation of your plantations including technology to the bigger plantations to be setup by commercial operators. We also offer this technology to smaller novice farmers as well as smaller commercial production facilities.

Orchard manifestation:
A representative of Truffle Growers SA with experience in orchard manifestation will be made available with all our signed partnership contracts as part of our contribution to the correct setup of all our production facilities, which is part of our partnership program which is run throughout the world. We also offer this service on a consultancy rate to the public.

Irrigation technology and manifestation:
We offer the most up to date methods of setting up irrigation systems in all types of climates here in South Africa as well as across the world and have various types of irrigation possibilities to suite almost any type of production system. We always strive to save water and achieve the highest growth rate possible at the lowest establishment cost available.

Maintenance technology:
This technology is relative to location and various options will be made available to our exclusive partnership network members, to ensure costs are kept at a bare minimum, while the production system is flourishing with the integral and necessary protocols, which we have assimilated over our company’s interaction with truffle farming in South Africa and the world.

Also you will become part of our database notification system setup to constantly help our farmers be at the forefront of seasonal impacts, weather changes and occurrences.

Partnership opportunity's to suite your needs:
We have setup a partnership opportunity in accordance with Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd, outlines, but have rewritten it to suite South African needs. This should be the most comprehensive partnership ever proposed locally and we strive to give the best deal for your money.

This opportunity entails both parties taking the reins in setting up the production system and growing the trees at a much lower cost than what the direct buyer could expect and our partner has comfort of knowing that his plantations are being monitored and constantly updated with the best technology available in the world.

Further we offer our partners annual analysis, which include, DNA and root analysis with a growth report regarding the progress of the orchard and the truffle fungi hosting on the trees as well as calculate the exact period when harvest is to commence on each orchard with the necessary technologies to achieve fruiting and the progression of the fungus with the trees.

At the time of harvest a trained harvesting crew will be made available to all our partnership members to assist in harvesting and distribution of the product, as well as train our growers in the correct method of achieving high quality product for export.

Equity investment opportunity on developed land:
This opportunity can be beneficial to both our partnership agreement buyers and land owners where we setup an equity system that is managed and setup by Truffle Growers SA as an investment corporation where shares in land are made available and pay outs are done annually within production years to come.

Currently we have various large production sites setup throughout South Africa with both South African and European shareholders, farming together to achieve a great financial future. Feel free to contact us on available production sites on lease hold options as well as land share equity options with truffle production minded individuals.
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