African Truffle Dogs & Hunters

Truffle Growers SA has proudly launched ‘African Truffle Dogs & Hunters’.

Through extensive training and research our company has now put in place all the necessary infrastructures and technologies to fully assist our growers with expert excavation methods and highly trained service/truffle dogs and their handlers/hunters to make the transition from orchard manifestation to production yield excavation easy and cost effective as well as insure yields are maintained and distributed to end buyers within the correct storage and transportation parameters necessary for sale and export.

This service will be an exclusive attribute to our partnership program to ensure that all our growers are able to achieve peak prices for their product produced through our technology.

We have through our European and American partnerships a wide range of exclusive buyers within our network ready to participate in the fruitful future of our product which will become a very rare commodity with almost no competition from any Northern Hemisphere producers during our harvesting period since we have our production season when there is no truffles available within the European and American sector as well as Asia, who together form the largest consumers community, which we will then be servicing though or exclusive buyers network, maintained by our European partnerships headed by Dr. Paul Thomas our International Director.

Contact us at for costs and dates.

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